• Benefits of print advertising

    Although we live in a digital world, we cannot forget the advantages of print advertising:

    1. Printed materials, such as brochures, magazines or posters, have a physical presence that allows users to interact directly with them, creating a more tangible and memorable experience.
    2. Print materials have a longer shelf life compared to digital media. They can be kept for long periods of time and be accessible at any time without the need for electronic devices or an internet connection.
    3. Print advertising allows you to reach a specific target audience through strategic distribution in relevant places, such as specialized magazines or billboards located in specific areas.
    4. Many people perceive print advertising as more trustworthy and credible than online advertising. Printed materials convey a sense of authenticity and seriousness, which can lead to greater trust in the advertised brand or product.
    5. In an environment where you are faced with a saturation of digital content, print advertising is more likely to capture the attention and focus of your target audience, since it does not compete with multiple open windows or notifications on an electronic device.
    6. Print advertising offers a wider space and greater creative freedom to convey messages in a visually striking way. Bold colors, attractive designs and innovative formats can be used to capture the attention of the public.
    7. Print advertising can work as an effective complement to online marketing strategies. By combining both approaches, greater coverage and better brand awareness can be achieved, reaching audiences that may not be fully digitally connected.

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  • Happy Book Day!!

    Today, April 23th, is International Book Day and, at Cícero Artes Gráficas we join in this celebration because we believe in the value of paper, the caress of its touch, the smell of its leaves, the taste of its contents, the sound of the pages turning and the visual exaltation that we perceive when we read them.
    Happy day to all of you! Enjoy with all your senses the sensation of having a book in your hands. Long live paper!