How do we begin?

Our name already smells of ink, because the CÍCERO is a typographical unit of measurement invented by P.S. Fournier in 1713. The origin of its name is to be found in the letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero, whose letters were 12 points or 4.5126 mm in the Didot system.

We are not so old but we already have experience in the graphic arts. Our origins come from our family, specifically from 1971 when my father founded Imprenta Raúl and we followed in his footsteps by creating Cícero Imprenta in September 1991.

Our passion

Our business and entrepreneurial vocation, together with our concerns, led us to immediately expand our services in the field of graphic design and later in signage, as we are experts in both sectors.

And so, 32 years of love for the graphic arts and everything that surrounds them have gone by: design, marketing, signage, packaging… Reinventing ourselves and often anticipating what the market demands.

Graphic arts

Nowadays we continue to be, and therefore the Graphic Arts, a very useful tool for dissemination and communication and together with our friends from QUESTIÓN DE IMAGEN, we provide a 360 degree service to all our customers.

Cícero Imprenta

Your paper is important


Our timeline



The beginnings of Imprenta-Papelería Cícero, which would later become Cícero Artes Gráficas, were in Víctor Gallego Street, with a 1-colour Heidelberg GTO and the auxiliary machines to be able to manage the handling.



Extension of premises

In April 1994 we moved to San Andrés 28 to a 300-metre premises that connected San Andrés with Plaza Santa Eulalia, thus allowing us to expand our machinery and printing formats.



Expansion of machinery and final building

In February 2007, we expanded our machinery by incorporating new technology in both pre-press and printing, which forced us to take over a warehouse, where we are still located, in the Transport Centre, Hall 1.



Acquisition of digital equipment

In 2009 we acquired our first digital machinery to be able to access a faster and more competitive market and to be able to provide our customers with an efficient service in the shortest possible time.



Beginning in the world of sign making

A year later we bought our first cutting plotter, starting in the world of signage, which our customers demanded so much, and a few months later we invested in a printing plotter to be able to offer a 360º service in terms of printing on all types of supports, both rigid and flexible. Vinyl, canvas, lvc, methacrylate, rollup....



Coil winding machines

All of this is completed with reel-fed printing machines to print all types of labels as well as auxiliary handling machinery to produce all types of packaging: boxes, bags, packaging, sliced envelopes...



Heildeberg SM installation

With the Heildeberg SM we gain in speed and quality in offset printing, as well as saving printing costs, which allows us to be competitive.